6 of the highest valued Comic Books

Comic books that paid off big.

1/3/20230 min read

6 of the Highest Valued Comic Books

Ever since Superman's first emergence in 1938, comic books have captured the minds and hearts of children and adults with stories of evils and heroes. And some of these comics are so lovely – and so expensive – that they can fetch millions of dollars at auction. Definitely, they include Batman and Superman comics, along with other DC and Marvel classics, as well as gems from other publishing houses. They are the most valuable comic books on the planet.

Marvel Comics#1 - $572,000 There are lots of reasons that Marvel Comics # boasts a value of $572,000. One is that it is the primary look of the superhero known as Human Torch, while the other is that it is the first Marvel comic ever to be launched. Between the two, the next point is much more vital for the simple reason that the Human Torch is not particularly well-known in the present time.

Detective comic # 27 - $1,500, 000 Published in May 1939 by writer Bill Finger and Bob Kane, this comic might not be the most costly but perhaps the most famous as the first ever look of Batman. After the success of Superman, comic publishers wanted a follow character that could match the status of the Man of Steel. On came Finger and Kane to present one of the most famous heroes to hit the comic stands. This comic also featured the debut of Commissioner Gordon, which has since been a vital aspect of Batman stories for the last 83 years.

X-Men #1 - $807,300 Published in September 1963 and created by artist Jack Kirby and Stan Lee this issue gives us a first team look with Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel Beats, Iceman, and professor X, as well as the first look of their arch rival, Magneto. Not only did it introduce one of the most popular superheroes in comics, but also the idea of Homo Superior.

Amazing Fantasy #15 - 3,600,000 Published in 1962 September by artist Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, Stan Lee continued his trend of amazing comic book characters with the release of the amazing spider-man. Feature not just the primary look and origin of Spider-Man/Peter Parker but the first look of Uncle Ben, Flash Thompson and Aunt May.

Superman #1 - $5,300,000 Published in 1939 June and once again created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, while also holding the record for the biggest comic sale in history by beating out the Amazing Fantasy #15 in 2022 January. This comic was the first solo title for Superman with a cover drawn by Joe Shuster and featured the Superman origin story and he was still unable to fly but just leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Action Comics #1 $3,400,000 Of course the first appearace of Superman will be up near the top. First published in 1938. Superman quickly got his own series after proving to be so incredibly popular. Supermans powers slowly evolved in to what we see today.